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Public Matters specializes in providing lobbying & public affairs advice to clients within the comprehensive mobility sector, which includes public transport, transportation and micro-mobility. We provide support in various crucial areas such as investments in road and rail infrastructure, promotion of sustainable mobility, developments in labor market policies, tax issues, guidance on procurement processes and navigation through both national and European legislation. Moreover, we recognize the significant impact of digitalization on these sectors and actively integrate this insight into our support.

In the mobility sector, investments are characterized by their long-term nature, which necessitates a long-term vision, especially when lobbying for, for example, co-financing from the Dutch Multi-Year Program for Infrastructure, Spatial Planning and Transport (MIRT) or the Dutch National Growth Fund. The impact of these investments on the physical environment means that a wide range of stakeholders can exert significant influence on both policy and political decision-making. This underlines the importance of effective stakeholder management, essential for addressing complex issues related to, for example, Schiphol Airport, the port sector and public transport. Well-organized stakeholder management can significantly influence the decision-making process. Public Matters guides clients through the complicated landscape of both Brussels and national regulations, public debate, supervisory bodies and local decision-making.

Examples of how we support clients in the mobility sector:

  • Advising on national, local and EU regulations related to mobility policy, for example in the field of renewable energy carriers and biofuels. This includes using our monitoring services to identify key policy changes and provide proactive advice.
  • Optimize stakeholder management, including conducting force field analyses to understand your organization’s position within the political and social playing field, and reputation research to understand how your organization is perceived.
  • Assist in updating existing regulations to integrate new technologies and advance your agenda through strategic media communications.
  • Support in applying for co-financing for projects such as infrastructure development.
  • Advising on labor market issues for the transportation sector, including recruitment assistance and providing interim solutions. We also provide training and workshops to enhance the skills and knowledge of your team.

Please feel free to contact one of our consultants to discuss the possibilities for your organization. We are happy to provide you with advice to ensure your organization’s voice is heard in The Hague and/or Brussels.

"Public Matters guides clients through the complicated landscape of both Brussels and national regulations, public debate, supervisory bodies and local decision-making."

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