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Public Matters advises clients throughout the mobility sector. These are companies in public transport, aviation, maritime sector and (micro/partial) mobility. For clients in these sectors, the sustainability issue is central to our support. Public Matters plays an active role in the issues regarding the hydrogen economy and what this means for the maritime sector. In addition, we advise companies on regulations for biofuels.

Investments in infrastructure and mobility are long term. This also requires, for example, a long-term vision when lobbying for co-financing from the MIRT or the Growth Fund.

The impact of digitisation has played an important role in our support for micro-mobility and shared cars. With the emergence of platforms, artificial intelligence and big data have provided a better match between supply and demand. At the same time, governments and regulators are still struggling with the regulation of platforms and the facilitation of the sharing economy. Issues of privacy, security and data ownership play a major role in this. Public Matters is familiar with the dynamics between international tech companies, national decision-making and local regulation.

Investments in the mobility sector are long term. The impact on the physical environment ensures that large groups of stakeholders influence policy and political decision-making. This makes stakeholder management essential for issues concerning Schiphol Airport, the ports and public transport. Stakeholder management is an effective way to influence the decision-making process. Public Matters navigates clients through the complex playing field of Brussels, the public debate, regulators and local decision making.

Examples of how we support clients in the mobility sector

  • Advising on labour market issues for the maritime sector;
  • Advising on EU biofuels regulations;
  • Stakeholder management on aviation policy (night flights);
  • Supervising market introduction in micro-mobility;
  • Advising on local regulations for shared vehicles;
  • Supporting applications for co-financing of infrastructure development;
  • Advising on adapting ‘old’ regulations to accommodate new technologies;
  • Facilitating stakeholder dialogue and advising on stakeholder management;
  • Conducting force field analyses for parties in public transport.

Stakeholder management is key in the transport sector.

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