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Does your organisation consider the energy transition as an opportunity or a threat?

Public Matters offers strategic public affairs advice to established companies, start-ups, NGOs, local authorities and government agencies in anticipation of the changing energy landscape. Whether you’re looking to influence European directives, understand the development and implications of the Dutch Climate Agreement or build local support for new initiatives, we’re the number one public affairs agency in the Netherlands.

Our experienced consultants have expertise in energy and mobility, sustainability, the circular economy, supply chain and CSR policy, construction and property, sustainable finance and many more areas.

Our government relations consultants will be happy to use their knowledge and network to assist you by:

  • Developing public affairs strategies, stakeholder analyses and political communications campaigns to influence energy, environmental and mobility policy.
  • Advising on negotiations concerning energy policy or the realisation of energy projects, such as the Dutch Climate Agreement, wind and solar PV projects.
  • Managing stakeholders in Brussels, The Hague or more locally to secure your organisation’s licence to operate or to put your green start-up on the map.
  • Conducting reputation surveys among key stakeholders who determine ‘green policy’.

Public Matters’ consultants have a diverse range of experience: from sustainable energy generators to ETS companies, and from environmental NGOs to associations in the food industry.

Public Matters is a member of the pioneers’ network (Koplopersnetwerk) of CSR Netherlands, the centre of excellence for Dutch companies striving for corporate social responsibility (known in Dutch as MVO Nederland).

Tomorrow’s energy landscape is being shaped today. Be involved now.

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