Construction & real estate

The spatial challenge

The Netherlands faces a major spatial challenge. The balance between the required construction of houses, the related traffic infrastructure, the construction of sustainable energy sources, and nature conservation must be continually sought. In addition, the nitrogen crisis has put extra pressure on spatial choices.

Whereas in the past decades, spatial policy was decentralised, we now see a demand for more direction from the national government. Public Matters looks at spatial issues from multiple perspectives due to our expertise in the mobility sector and industry.

Local stakeholder management plays an important role in spatial issues. This means involving local parties at an early stage and thinking out-of-the-box about external stakeholders. Careful stakeholder management contributes to public support for developing projects.

We advise various clients in the construction sector on sustainability issues. For example, approximately 40% of CO2 emissions are caused by the building environment. The sector therefore faces a major challenge. These include the sustainability of building materials, the shortage of raw materials and the need for a more circular approach.

The real estate sector was particularly affected during the COVID-pandemic. For many institutional real estate investors, this meant extra attention to stakeholder management towards tenants. Public Matters also advises on the business climate for real estate companies, focusing among other things on tax regimes, such as the fiscal investment institution (fbi).

Examples of how we support clients in the construction and real estate sector

  • Advising on local and regional real estate development projects;
  • Supporting stakeholder management and media relations;
  • Advising on the sustainability of building materials and the circular economy;
  • Supervising public affairs activities of a sector association regarding good tenancy;
  • Facilitating a stakeholder dialogue on fire safety inspections;
  • Advising on the representation of interests of fiscal investment institutions.

The long-term nature of real estate development processes require a structural investment in government relations

Public matters

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