Digital public affairs

How to support your public affairs activities using digital communication channels?

Our public affairs consultants focus mainly on influencing the perceptions of relevant stakeholders and decision-making in the political and public arena. In addition to traditional media, digital communication channels (such as social media, websites and infographics) obviously play a key role.

That’s why the use of digital communication channels is often integrated into our recommended strategic public affairs strategies. For instance, we may recommend providing information to Dutch policymakers and influencers, entering into a dialogue with them or generating media attention for a particular subject via social media.

Examples of our advice to clients on digital public affairs:

  • Social media campaign: influencing the perceptions of relevant stakeholders in the Netherlands or elsewhere by communicating targeted messages, for instance via Twitter or LinkedIn.
  • Political sentiment scan: identifying political and public sentiments on a specific issue, with the aid of social media monitoring tools.
  • Public affairs scan: determining whether a website is public-affairs-proof.How easy is it to find relevant content? Does the content match your public affairs messages and goals?
  • Infographics: using infographics to communicate issues and positions in a clear and accessible way.
  • Online stakeholder management: gaining insights quickly and easily as to which relevant stakeholders dominate a debate or issue, what’s being discussed online, and which key opinion leaders and influencers have a strong impact.
  • Crisis communications: actively measuring, managing and nudging sentiments concerning your organisation or a particular issue.

Using digital channels to support your public affairs activities

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