Interim assignments & coaching

Need a sounding board or sparring partner?

Public Matters’ consultants function as sounding boards and sparring partners for directors and executives who find themselves having to address complex societal challenges. Our government relations specialists draw on their expertise and practical experience as lobbyists and communications professionals in the Netherlands and further afield, to provide training on political decision-making processes, political/administrative sensitivity and public affairs. Our services are aimed at developing our clients’ lobbying activities and the internal structures that support them. One way in which we do this is by providing personal coaching for new and experienced public affairs professionals.

Need interim, high-level support?

Public Matters’ consultants can be deployed temporarily to boost your organisation’s public affairs or strategic communications capacity. We can play a preparatory role, act as sherpa, or step in to assist in a crisis. Public Matters not only provides an external perspective, but also the services of lobbyists and communications professionals with many years of hands-on lobbying and government relations experience with listed companies, associations and political parties.

Coaching and interim support to strengthen your public affairs support

Public matters

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