Technology is often the driving force behind major (societal) changes: to the way we work, communicate, recreate and organize our lives. New developments such as artificial intelligence and quantum technology offer innovative opportunities, while protecting our digital infrastructure has never been more important. These developments affect every sector, such as transportation and mobility, healthcare and education, as well as financial services and the (digital) economy.

Developments in the tech sector often move faster than legislation can keep up. This places high demands on the public affairs and lobbying capacity of organizations, as these new technological developments require the development of new policy frameworks or additional regulation. In addition, changing market relationships within (digital) sectors often lead to greater conflicting interests, which is reflected in more intensive lobbying towards policymakers.

In terms of policy development regarding the digital economy, we see several examples of the official and political search for a new balance: between large and smaller players, between traditional and new business models, and between consumer interests and growth potential.

Examples of how Public Matters supports clients in the tech sector:

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"With lightning-fast technological developments, high demands are being placed on the public affairs and lobbying capacity of organizations."

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