Pieter Walraven

Managing Partner

+31 (0)70 304 6499

The key to success is understanding politicians, media and other stakeholders

  • 2018

    Managing Partner, Public Matters

  • 2011

    Partner, Public Matters

  • 2010

    Board member, Gasses in Containers Platform (Platform Gassen in Containers)

  • 2007

    Founder and director, waste collection organisation Spaarlicht

  • 2005

    Director, Stichting FAD (foundation to tackle fraud in the retail sector)

  • 2003

    General secretary, VWDHZ (association of DIY retail chains)

  • 2001

    Consultant secretary, lobbyist and spokesperson, RND (Dutch retail council)

  • 2000

    Policy officer, VNO-NCW

Managing Partner

I’m driven to go the extra mile to help organisations that want to influence policy or public perceptions. I offer support in both public and behind-the-scenes contacts with government, politicians, civil-society partners and the media. Thanks to my background, I have a special affinity with the lobbying activities of sectoral associations.


I live with my wife and two daughters in picturesque Delft. In my spare time I like to read and write about developments in my field. I also get an enormous energy boost from swimming and mountain biking.

Public matters

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