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Education and science are the foundation of a healthy, resilient and future-proof economy. Their transformative power in addressing societal challenges, such as climate change, health care and technological advances, is essential. Good and focused education can also combat pressing labor market shortages in these sectors and is nevertheless crucial in shaping a new generation. Knowledge institutions therefore play a crucial, societal and connecting role between governments, organizations and companies, contributing to economic growth and innovations within different regions. This also demands a lot from these organizations.

Public Matters advises knowledge institutions on optimizing their role within triple helix collaborations, focusing on current topics such as sustainability, digitization, knowledge security, lifelong learning, valorization, innovative ecosystems, funding, internationalization and a future-proof economy and labor market. Our advice ranges from positioning organizations for the most impact, to hands-on support in promoting dialogues with policymakers and developing effective lobbying strategies.

Examples of how Public Matters supports clients active in the fields of education and science:

  • Development of public affairs and lobbying strategies aimed at influencing the House of Representatives or other policymakers regarding (new) policies in areas such as internationalization, sustainability, finance, sustainability, knowledge security, innovation and digital transformation.
  • Strengthening relationships with bodies in The Hague and Brussels, such as the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, as well as with other industry organizations, educational institutions, and influential stakeholders based on force field analyses and/or a reputation study.
  • Our expertise in various sectors and in areas such as monitoring & intelligence and stakeholder management is also applied to bridge the interests of various stakeholders from business, provinces, municipalities and the knowledge institutions.
  • Embedding Public Affairs within organizations, including interim in-house support and facilitating workshops on lobbying and public affairs.
  • Support in shaping effective communication about the impact of organizations in a political-societal perspective, for example through certain science programs, and, if necessary, crisis communication.

Please feel free to contact one of our consultants to discuss the possibilities for your organization. We will gladly provide you with advice to ensure that your organization’s voice is heard in The Hague and/or Brussels.

"Education and science are the foundation of a healthy, resilient and future-proof economy."

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