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Education and science are the basis of a healthy economy. Shortages on the labour market can be countered by good and targeted education. Knowledge institutions therefore play a crucial and connecting role in the cooperation between governments and companies. They also contribute to the economic development of a region. Universities and colleges are more than just ‘suppliers’ of talent to the labour market. They contribute to innovations in all major societal challenges around sustainability, circularity, digitalisation and healthcare.

Public Matters advises knowledge institutions on triple helix cooperation and strengthening their position in both The Hague and Brussels. Such developments often take place at the interface between the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. Whether you are a national educational institution, a science association or a school association, we will be happy to help you further shape the representation of your interests.

In addition to providing strategic public affairs advice, the advisors of Public Matters can help your people and organisation further towards the most relevant policy makers and provide hands-on support where necessary. The expertise in various sectors is applied to bridge the interests of various stakeholders from business, provinces, municipalities and knowledge institutions.

Examples of how we support(ed) clients in Education and Science:

  • Advising on the positioning of organisations towards the ministry, often taking into account the dependent relationship that sometimes exists;
  • Hands on support in contacting members of parliament in order to bring issues to the attention of the people;
  • Developing a lobby strategy – aimed at influencing (new) policy;
  • (Further) embedding of Public Affairs within the organisation;
  • In-house support for National Growth Fund;
  • Advising on triple helix cooperation in the Brainport region;
  • Advising on reorienting cooperation between vocational education and the business community;
  • Holding workshops on lobbying and public affairs for knowledge institutions.

Knowledge institutions play a crucial and connecting role in the cooperation between governments and companies.

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