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The political debate is still largely driven by media reporting. This means that the media plays a crucial role in setting topics on the political agenda. How do you link media reporting to political reality? And in what way do you influence societal perceptions and anticipate the actions of politicians in response to media publications?

Public Matters operates at the intersection of stakeholdermanagement, political lobbying, and communication. Like no other, we understand the dynamics of societal debate and media reporting. Unlike many communication consultants, for us, media reporting is not an end in itself, but a means to set an agenda on a topic or to adjust perceptions on an issue.

Public Matters goes beyond advising on a publication or a media appearance. The point is that we understand how an article can impact the political agenda. And how it can influence a debate. We advise on the interaction between traditional media and public debate, including on social media. The use and impact of (social) media have their own dynamics in The Hague but also in Brussels. We ensure that a publication or media appearance has the maximum effect by sharing it at the right moment and with the right stakeholders.

There is also a downside when the reporting is of a negative nature, or is made to be. In those situations, too, Public Matters helps in establishing and maintaining relationships with ministries, regulators, politicians, and other stakeholders such as industry associations in the sector.

We advise based on a network with various media and spokespersons from ministries, government officials, and from the House of Representatives. We provide insight into the way they work and when a publication prompts a reaction, an interview, or the setting of a topic on the political agenda.

What we do:

  • Advise on publications, press presentations, and media strategies on issues that affect societal and political discussions;
  • Act as a critical and sincere sparring partner who provides feedback on the relevance and content of publications, as well as an assessment of whether stakeholders consider such a publication newsworthy;
  • Guidance and advice on interactions with journalists and editorial teams, including building relationships and tactically conveying your message;
  • Ensure maximum impact and reach of publications by sharing them with the right policymakers, political stakeholders, and other (societal) organizations;
  • Provide insights into decision-making processes and when publications have the most impact in light of the political agenda and societal trends;
  • Advise on managing perceptions following publications that give a distorted or incorrect picture;
  • Advise on dealing with fake news or campaigns that spread negative attention, including strategies for recognizing, refuting, and preventing the spread of misinformation;
  • Support in crisis communication.

*The advisors of Public Matters work based on a code of conduct. Public Matters does not provide advice to organizations that intentionally want to communicate factual inaccuracies or spread fake news.

"Like no other, we understand the dynamics of societal debate and media reporting"

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