Retail & Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

In the retail and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector, the consumer is central. Many issues directly affect the products in the (online) store and how consumers experience them. This means that complex topics and policy issues must be translated into what this means for the customer. Topics such as market power, product safety, labor market policies, sustainability and producer responsibility are often the subject of societal debate.

In recent years, companies have faced additional obligations regarding product take-back and recycling, as well as the introduction of deposits. In the coming years, companies in the retail and FMCG sectors will also face reporting and compliance obligations as a result of the coming into force of the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) and CSDDD (Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive), focusing on human and environmental impact. This puts pressure on brands and retail companies to work with stakeholders in the chain to provide insight into how the production process is set up.

Public Matters knows the relationships between industry associations, media, unions, NGOs and governments in the sector. We are also aware of the perception and impact of social issues on consumer brands. We advise on how companies make their voices heard with policymakers in the in public debate.

Examples of how we support our clients in the retail and FMCG sector include:

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"Many issues directly affect the products in the (online) store and how consumers experience them."

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