Healthcare affects us all

Everyone is affected by healthcare; from patients to insurance companies, and from healthcare professionals to companies. Healthcare is one of the most complex policy domains in the Netherlands, both in terms of the number of stakeholders and the sheer volume of policy involved. It is also a sector that is changing fast and where public and private are closely intertwined. Everyone has an interest in public resources being spent efficiently and in the choices made to achieve this goal. That means that there are lots of partnerships in the Dutch healthcare sector, but also that the interests of stakeholders can be diametrically opposed.

The provision of healthcare is not the sector’s sole concern; innovation, partnerships and social responsibility are also important factors. So in this sector, a systematic, proactive and long-term approach to public affairs is particularly crucial. That way, you can do justice to your organisation’s interests vis-a-vis the broader public interest.

Public Matter’s consultants will be glad to help you achieve this. All the more so because, since our lobby agency was founded in 2001, we have developed extensive knowledge of this sector, its policymakers and influencers.

Examples of our public affairs support for clients in the healthcare sector:

  • Position a sectoral interest vis-a-vis the Dutch parliament, ministries and the media;
  • Develop strategy and key messages for the policy-making or legislative process;
  • Realise a dialogue with the relevant stakeholders;
  • Analyse the current state of the sector, including updates on the latest policy developments;
  • Anticipate future changes and long-term developments in policy;
  • Organise meetings to help develop a vision and build support.

A long-term, proactive approach to public affairs is particularly crucial in the healthcare sector.

Public matters

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