Crisis Communication

Are you looking for an agency that employs crisis communication in times of crisis? Then we are the agency you’re looking for: Public Matters, a public affairs & lobbying consultancy from The Hague. Our advisors are eager to support you at moments when every second counts and every decision has a significant impact on the reputation of your organization. During crises, we keep a cool head.

By objectively viewing the crisis situation from an outside perspective and providing calm advice, Public Matters has been a trusted partner for years to (publicly traded) companies and other organizations in terms of crisis communication.

Why choose Public Matters for crisis communication?

  • Specialized in policy influence and strategic communication
  • Integrated campaigns and activities
  • Effective management of stakeholders and media
  • Monitoring & intelligence services
  • Consultants with multidisciplinary expertise
  • We achieve the agreed objectives
  • Our core values: expertise, creativity, and result-orientated

What is crisis communication?

Crisis communication involves the collection, processing, and dissemination of information crucial for addressing a crisis situation. To prevent reputational damage, the preventive use of crisis communication is essential. With efficient and decisive crisis management, you maintain the trust of your stakeholders.

The objective of crisis communication is to ensure that the right and relevant information is provided as quickly as possible to the right target groups, so they know what is happening, what is being done to resolve the crisis, and what the consequences might be for them.

The disadvantage of a crisis is that it can take you by surprise. The factor of time plays a crucial role. Timely recognition of the dangers of an issue or incident brings speed to the process and prevents reputational damage.

A crisis has arisen, now what?

In a world where information is quickly spread via online and social media, it’s increasingly common for organizations to have to position themselves on a particular issue from one moment to the next. A crisis has emerged, and the carefully built reputation of your organization is at risk. Then crisis management is exactly what you need. Crisis management involves making a crisis manageable.

What can Public Matters offer you in this area?

The consultants at Public Matters, with their experience in (publicly traded) companies, trade associations, and political parties, can support you in the following ways:

  • Monitoring (political) reactions: on (social) media, including measuring and interpreting sentiment.
  • Determining strategy: actively or passively responding to political or societal sentiment.
  • Drafting press releases and supporting media contact: considering the (political) sentiment and potential consequences of sharing news.
  • Managing contact with stakeholders: through outreach via social media and initiating dialogue.
  • Investigating reputation: researching the perception of political and bureaucratic stakeholders regarding your organization, sector, or issue.

Integrated Approach

Public Matters supports clients through an integrated approach. Knowledge of the various disciplines of public affairs means that our consultants are well-developed and have a good understanding of political and societal sentiment. And know what to do under pressure.

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