Association management

How to effectively organise your relations with your stakeholders and wider society?

Public Matters supports and advises clients on stakeholder management by examining societal issues from different stakeholder perspectives. We assist our clients with thorough analysis by helping them to embed stakeholder management within their organisations and set up structures for ongoing stakeholder cooperation.

How to effectively organise the association’s lobbying activities?

Public Matters offers expertise to support sectoral associations in organising their lobbying activities in the Netherlands and further afield. More than ever, lobbyists for associations find themselves walking a tightrope, as the interests of individual members sometimes conflict with the interests of the group as a whole. Fewer companies identify with an association, either because they have more of an international focus or because they have shaken up the market so much that they no longer feel tied to a particular sector. This is putting strain on the Dutch tradition of consensus-based economic and social policy making (known as the ‘polder model’), as many political officeholders still value the contribution of sectors as a whole over that of individual companies.

Our consultants aim to ensure that the lobbying activities of individual companies and sectoral associations are optimal and, wherever possible, complementary. We also bear in mind the long-term positioning of associations and help them coordinate with their members and conduct their traditional and social media relations.

Assessing a societal issue form the perspectives of various stakeholders.

Public matters

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