Monitoring & intelligence

Want to make sure that you always receive the latest political and news updates?

We analyse, filter and make sense of relevant political and societal developments at local, national or European level for our clients, so that they can respond quickly and effectively. As well as scanning 24/7 the most up-to-date sources including traditional and social media, we also use informal contacts to get the information we need.

Our political and news updates will keep you one step ahead of the game, for instance when it comes to effectively influencing political decision-making processes or managing your reputation or a particular issue.

We ensure that the “intelligence” that we provide ties in effectively with your needs and interests.

Political monitoring via InfoMatters

Want to be sure that political developments in The Hague or Brussels never catch you off guard? InfoMatters, our monitoring & intelligence system, enables our clients to keep a close eye on issues and stakeholders and ensures that the right people receive the right information at precisely the right time. The system ensures that users know exactly what is going on and provides them with a customised analysis from a Public Matters lobby consultant.

Clients can also use the InfoMatters app, giving them direct access to the latest political updates and the Lobby Agenda, with the option of receiving push notifications.

In addition, ContactMatters makes up-to-date information on key policymakers available 24/7.

Up-to-date knowledge as a basis for your public affairs and lobbying activities

Bart Hendriks

Senior Account Executive

Public matters

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