Force field analysis & reputation research

Do you want to map the force field around your organisation?

Do you need stakeholder analysis & tracking around specific issues? Do you want to know what the reputation of your branch or company is in the political-administrative arena? Is there political support for your product or lobby objective? Or do you want to measure and increase the effectiveness of your lobby? Public Matters is happy to provide you with this information.

From an independent role, our consultants will do research for you. Based on desk research, in-depth interviews, input sessions, stakeholder dialogues and their own knowledge and experience, they always deliver the required analyses and research on time. These are always provided with interpretation, advice and concrete recommendations, enabling you to take your public affairs efforts to the next level.

Examples of analysis and research conducted by Public Matters:

  • Force field analyses: mapping the force field around your organisation (positions and influence);
  • Stakeholder analyses: mapping the positions of stakeholders with regard to issues (positions and influence);
  • Reputation research: investigating what the perception is of political, official and other stakeholders regarding your company, sector, product, issues;
  • Support research: investigating to what extent your company, sector, product, issues enjoy support among political, official and other stakeholders;
  • Organisational advice: advising on how the lobby is organised within your organisation;
  • Member or partner survey: identifying the expectations and satisfaction of the members of your (branch) association or the partners with whom you cooperate;
  • Effectiveness research: measuring the effectiveness of the public affairs activities – what goes well and what could be improved.

From an independent role, our consultants will do research for you.

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