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The Netherlands has, traditionally, had a thriving financial sector. The world’s first stock exchange stood at Beursplein in Amsterdam. Still a European center for capital markets, the Netherlands boasts many innovative financial companies.

The financial sector is also one of the most regulated sectors. Virtually all regulation affecting the financial sector has its origin is Brussels. The transition to the national context, the implementation process into national regulations, can involve the tightening of standards, also known as “gold-plating,” which can affect the level playing field.

For financial institutions, it is crucial that the regulatory framework be consistent with practice and enforceable. The sooner an organization is aware of impending changes, the better it can respond to the new reality and the greater the likelihood of making successful adjustments so that legislators do not saddle the industry with ineffective requirements.

The trust and reputation of financial companies and executives is also receiving more attention than ever. Remuneration policies, financing policies, from the fossil industry to SMEs, the international nature of this sector, innovative and complicated financial products that are not always well understood by the public, cross-border tax structures that are facilitated or taken advantage of: society has an opinion about it. The scrutiny this sector is under necessitates a continuous dialogue with society.

Societal developments and new standards may be perceived as threatening but also offer opportunities. This is precisely where Public Matters can be of service, as our consultants are familiar with both The Hague and Brussels.

Examples of how we support clients in the financial sector:

  • Consulting and support on stakeholder and relationship management, politics and government and society.
  • Public affairs and lobbying advice on influencing (European) regulations based on monitoring and through, for example, strategic media communication.
  • Signaling and interpreting short and long-term policy developments in the financial sector in social context.
  • Developing a strategy and key messages that are distinctive from the competition with an eye for sector interests but also in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR).
  • Managing (un)desirable business acquisitions and mergers.
  • Advising on how to manage the process of (fiscal) state aid (in the Netherlands, Brussels and abroad).
  • Advising on influencing the tax policy agenda and Dutch Tax Plan with respect to specific policy measures.
  • Managing the network of stakeholders in times of crisis where the reputation of leadership and the company are at stake, through among others effective crisis communication.

Please feel free to contact one of our advisors to discuss options for your organization. We are happy to provide you with advice to ensure your organization’s voice is heard in The Hague and/or Brussels.

"For financial institutions, it is crucial that the regulatory framework be consistent with practice and enforceable."

Door van Leeuwen Boomkamp

Senior Director

Public matters

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