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The financial sector is more subject to change than ever before

While changes in the financial sector were gradual in the past, over the last 10 years the impact of legislation and regulation on the financial sector has been greater than ever. Also, the public trust and reputation of companies and executives is receiving more attention. At the macro level, a new balance between regulation and entrepreneurial freedom is sought. At the micro level, profitability and innovation are high on companies’ agendas. And precisely in a heavily regulated sector such as the financial sector, this sometimes leads to tensions. These are partly caused by the changed societal context in which companies operate – for instance, with respect to tax legislation that is increasingly determined and coordinated internationally. With all the consequences this has for the competition between countries – for example, with regard to the investment and business climate.

All in all, there are many threats and opportunities to be taken into account when weighing interests to determine a company’s or sector’s strategy. Public Matter’s consultants will be glad to help you achieve this. All the more so because, since our lobby agency was founded in 2001, we have developed extensive knowledge of this sector, its policymakers and influencers.

Examples of our public affairs support for clients in the financial sector:

  • Managing (un)desirable company takeovers and mergers;
  • Advise on how to manage the fiscal/state-aid process (in the Netherlands / The Hague, Brussels and beyond);
  • Contributing to the tax policy agenda and Tax Plan with regard to specific policy measures;
  • Manage stakeholder networks at times of crisis when the reputation of a company and its leadership are a matter of debate;
  • Develop a strategy and key messages that is distinctive from the competition with an eye for the sector’s interests;
  • Make sense of policy developments in the financial sector in the short and long term.

Reputations of companies has come under ever greater scrutiny.

Peter van Keulen

Senior Partner / Founder

Door van Leeuwen Boomkamp

Senior Director

Public matters

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