Taking your advocacy to the next level?

Political and administrative stakeholders and decision-making processes are becoming increasingly transparent and accessible. Developments like social media and internet consultations have lowered the threshold for following decision-making processes and bringing views to the attention of stakeholders. Lobbying organisations benefit from this, as does the way in which your stakeholders can influence your interests. More and more organisations are making their voices heard. This has made the force field more complex and increased the competition for attention. The need to know that force field and to determine one’s position within it has therefore increased.

An effective stakeholder approach is indispensable for the targeted and effective influencing of policy, positions or your reputation. After all, you want to influence your environment in order to create support for your interests among political and official policymakers. Whether that is on a local or international level. This requires a systematic stakeholder approach that is an integral part of the overall strategy of your organisation. Such an approach is the foundation of successful advocacy.

StakeholderMatters: a strategic and systematic approach to your environment and interests

Public Matters advises and supports organisations, governments and companies in developing and implementing a stakeholder engagement strategy. Precisely because your interests or the license to operate and grow of an organisation are determined outside the political-administrative arena, a stakeholder approach is an integral part of your public affairs activities.

With StakeholderMatters we offer our clients:

  • Development of a stakeholder issue and force field analysis;
  • Implementation of a periodic / structural stakeholder analysis;
  • Expertise in development of an effective stakeholder strategy (organisation-wide and issue-oriented);
  • Support in the organisation of a stakeholder strategy as part of your lobbying objectives;
  • Advice and support in the implementation of a stakeholder engagement strategy;
  • Intensive guidance and coaching in the implementation of the stakeholder engagement strategy;
  • Etc.

"An effective stakeholder approach is indispensable for the targeted and effective influencing of policy, positions or your reputation."

Peter van Keulen

Senior Partner / Founder

Public matters

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