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Implementing a proactive and systematic public affairs and lobbying approach?

Political and administrative decisions impact the operations of a company, the reputation of an executive, or the ambition of a trade association. Therefore, you want to influence decision-making. This is done through a proactive and systematic public affairs and lobbying approach, in the interest of your company, trade association, NGO, or governmental organization. The interconnection between different levels of government is stronger than ever, and it is important to know where to be active, whether in The Hague, Brussels, a municipality, or a province, or across multiple levels of governance simultaneously.

Public affairs and lobbying are part of overall business operations

Investing in public affairs and lobbying and managing (government) relations have become a permanent part of overall business operations in the Netherlands. Executives, companies, and citizens want to manage their relationship with politics and stakeholders.

Economic principles also apply to the political representation of interests: as an organization, you aim for a stronger position than your competitors. This means that lobbyists also compete with each other for influence. Not only companies but also social organizations are investing more in their profile in The Hague. The last decade has also seen a significant increase in governments employing lobbyists. Many municipalities and provinces have become adept at systematically and purposefully influencing other governments.

Bridging the gap between policymakers and businesses

The lobbying and public affairs field in the Netherlands has professionalized in recent years. To gain the attention of policymakers, you need to stand out with more than just your message.

When managing environmental relationships, several general principles apply. Tell what you do, share, be transparent, and be accountable. This is exactly what organizations do by strategically investing in their political responsibility. This brings together the interests of policymakers and businesses, strengthens mutual understanding and trust, and broadens support for policy.

Peter van Keulen

Senior Partner / Founder

Public matters

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