Public Matters opens EU office in Brussels


Today (1 May, 2019), Public Matters has opened an office in Brussels, in the heart of the European Union (EU) and the center of European decision-making.

Influencing decision-making at EU level

Many policies in the Netherlands and other member states have their origins at EU level. Whether it concerns the development of the European internal market, the setting of renewable energy targets, the realisation of trade agreements or state aid and competition oversight.

That’s why many organisations have an interest in influencing decision-making at European level, often in addition to national and local levels. In this perspective, the European institutions, including the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council, but also European trade associations and NGOs, are very relevant stakeholders.

Active in Brussels since 2001

To meet the growing demand for EU affairs support – public affairs and lobbying support aimed at European decision-making – the opening of an EU office in Brussels is a logical step. We have been active in Brussels since the establishment of Public Matters in 2001, and opening our own EU office enables us to offer even better access to EU stakeholders and EU decision-making processes.

EU affairs support

Our EU affairs support includes supporting organisations with the design of the right strategy and the most effective implementation, including the following activities:

  • Map and assess relevant EU policy developments;
  • Develop strategies aimed at influencing (new) EU policies;
  • Position organisations towards policy makers and other relevant stakeholders at EU level;
  • Formulate key messages for the European policy and legislative process;
  • Realise coalitions between stakeholders with the same interests;
  • Organise dialogues with relevant EU stakeholders.

Located in the European Quarter

Our EU office is located in the European Quarter (Avenue des Arts 39), close to the most relevant European institutions, the Dutch Permanent Representation to the EU and many other relevant European stakeholders. Please contact Bas Batelaan (+31 (6) 19858401) if you have any questions.

To meet the growing demand for EU affairs support, the opening of an EU office in Brussels is a logical step.

Public matters

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