Public affairs during the coronacrisis: government relations are crucial


First and foremost, the coronavirus is a concern for the health of our loved ones – family, friends and colleagues. Additionally, the consequences for our economy are immense and will most likely be felt for a long time. For most economic sectors, this means a change in their relations with policy makers. Many businesses are seeking cooperation with governments to help find solutions to tackle the crisis. Moreover, many companies will make use of the support measures as recently anounced by the Dutch government. In this respect, people seem more aware than ever of the fact that during this crisis, the way in which companies operate determines their reputation.

Public Matters seeks to look beyond this crisis. What will be the effect on future legislation and regulations and what does this mean for relations between governments and companies? The next elections (March 2021) will be an important moment in this respect. Despite the limitations in terms of face to face communication, public affairs and stakeholder activities will not stop. Because more then ever governments need insights from crucial economic sectors, regarding how they can contribute and what they need.

Please find below an overview of support that Public Matters is providing to organizations during the coronacrisis:

  • Realize access to (financial) support measures. Our consultants provide insight into the support services and the decision-making processes regarding these measures. Because of the high speed of decision-making, it is important to be able to directly reach out the right people at ministries as well as the national crisis organization. Public Matters advises about access to these measures.
  • Set up coalitions. Cooperation (within sectors and cross-sectoral) is especially appreciated at this time. A successful example is the ‘Tech against Corona’ Initiative, which is set up and facilitated by Public Matters.
  • Agenda setting after the coronacrisis. When this crisis is under control, policymakers will start looking at what is needed to prevent another crisis. Addressing policy issues in a timely manner is therefore important – in order to influence future legislation and regulation. Together with clients we look beyond the horizon at future policy and the effects of the crisis on the elections in 2021.
  • Position crucial sectors. Large numbers of people work from home and groceries are suddenly crucial food products again. Which sectors are crucial and what does this mean for your organization? Public Matters advises organizations in vital sectors and consults about measures that are needed in the short and long term.
  • Reputation management. What did your organization do during the corona crisis? This question is not only asked today but will also be asked in the coming years. The deployment of companies right now will have an effect on the reputation of companies for many years to come. Public Matters provides your organization with an ‘outside view’ on your reputation of your organization towards policymakers.
  • International network. Public Matters cooperates with partners in more than 50 countries worldwide. We can provide insights into the measures taken in other countries and the opportunities and threats for your organization from a global perspective.
  • Crisis communication. This crisis requires a different way of communicating to ministries and politicians. Developments and decision-making processes are significantly accelerated and there is an overflow of media coverage. Public Matters is available as a sparring partner 24/7 for administrators in this time of crisis.

Public Matters seeks to look beyond this crisis. What will be the effect on future legislation and regulations and what does this mean for relations between governments and companies?

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