Sheraz Joemmanbaks

Specialist Finance & Controle

+31 (0)70 304 6499

“The difference between succeeding and failing is consistency.”

Don Connelly

  • 2023

    Specialist Finance & Control, Public Matters

  • 2021

    Head of Finance, Compagnon B.V.

  • 2020

    Specialist Finance & Control, Headfirst Group

  • 2015

    Head of Finance, Staffing MS Holding

  • 2008

    Head of Finance, Staffing Management Service

  • 2007

    Assistant Controller, Fugro Marine Service

  • 2006

    Assistant Controller, DPA

  • 2005

    Assistant Controller, Flex Groep Nederland

  • 2003

    Assistant Accountant, Deloitte Accountants

  • 1995

    Assistant Accountant, Ernst & Young

Specialist Finance & Control

Starting at EY and Deloitte, I have over 25 years of experience in finance.

For twelve years, I have worked as a finance manager at Staffing Management Services BV, which was acquired by Headfirst Group in 2018. From 2021, I was financial manager at Compagnon B.V.

At Public Matters, I am responsible for financial administration, supporting management with financial reports and analyses. In this way, I ensure that the management has timely financial insights and results to give the right direction to the team and the future of Public Matters.


Besides my work as a financial expert, I enjoy spending time with my family and household. With three young and energetic children, it is always fun, and busy to be able to do daily activities with them as well. As a family, we love travelling and I regularly visit my family in America and Suriname. And once a week I play volleyball with friends and some seniors.

Public matters

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