What is public affairs?


In this blog, we discuss what public affairs entails. Public affairs is a form of advocacy that focuses on influencing policy processes. It relates to political and official decision-making and impacts, for example, on a company’s operations, reputation of an executive or ambition of a trade association. Therefore, it may be in an organisation’s interest to engage in advocacy and lobbying for policy-making. You do this with a proactive and systematic public affairs and lobbying approach, in which building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders such as officials, politicians, (civil society) organisations and media plays an important role.

Public affairs in practice

There are many different public affairs activities. These include developing and implementing lobbying and advocacy strategies, monitoring political developments, activities of relations and stakeholders and monitoring laws and regulations affecting an organisation. It also includes drafting letters and position papers to communicate an organisation’s message to relevant policymakers. In addition, public affairs refers to building relationships with relevant decision-makers and communicating an organisation’s views to a wider audience, depending on the purpose and demand.

By developing and implementing effective public affairs and lobbying strategies, organisations can better position themselves in the political decision-making arena. In addition, the interwovenness between levels of government is stronger than ever, which is another reason why it is important to know where you need to be in The Hague, Brussels, municipalities and/or provinces. In this way, your lobby can contribute to the development of policies and regulations that matter to you.

Public affairs essential for your policy objectives

Investing in public affairs is essential for achieving your policy objectives and therefore in the interest of your company, trade association, NGO or government organisation.

Public Matters is a public affairs and lobbying consultancy specialising in policy influencing and strategic communication. In our consultancy practice, we work on many public affairs issues for organisations and, above all, with people. From entrepreneurs to directors, from public affairs managers to policymakers, from NGOs to government organisations, and many others. Building and maintaining relationships is central to our work. We can support organisations in their interest representation with our Team of over thirty public affairs consultants with various backgrounds and expertise. Thanks to our decisiveness and expertise, we can effectively support your lobbying efforts.

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"Investing in public affairs is essential for achieving your policy objectives and therefore in the best interest of your company, trade association, NGO or government organisation."

Public matters

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