Public Affairs and lobby-experts

Whether your organization has the ambition to engage with decision makers, navigate through complex regulatory challenges, or manage a competitive stakeholder environment: Public Matters has the expertise and experience to help. We are the leading independent public affairs and lobby agency in the Netherlands. Our consultants provide government relations support that changes political and public perception.

Consultants at Public Matters advise organizations that:
  • are in the centre of the political and public arena, and;
  • want to face, make and manage issues, and;
  • shape public perception and influence the process of decision making.
  • Our consultants have working experience in Parliament, for a company, ministry, trade association or NGO. With this diverse background we are active in a wide spectrum of industries at the intersection of the public and private domain. Consultants at Public Matters are societally and politically active and annually support a pro bono project.

Update Dutch Politics - another exciting year ahead?

26-01-2018 A brief recap of 2017 and what to expect in 2018
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Update Dutch Politics - New centre-right government installed by King Willem-Alexander

26-10-2017 PM Rutte to lead 23 ministers and state secretaries from 4 different parties.
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Update Dutch Politics - Parties agree coalition government after a record 209 days!

10-10-2017 PM Rutte to lead 23 ministers and state secretaries from 4 different parties
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Update Dutch Politics - King’s budget speech overshadowed by negotiations to form a new government

19-09-2017 Prince's Day 2017: No major policy announcements at kick-off parliamentary year.

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